{​[​No Coast​]​} The MixTape

by No Coast

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released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


No Coast Columbia, Missouri

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Track Name: {[Heir Jordan]} Suburban Kids (The Kid Wakes Up)
Heir Jordan shaking off suburban kid bored room
Skin perforated where the cold war tore through
Got gaps in my character that you could put a sword through
But if I’m out of bandages I’m gonna need more gloom
My pretty little ego’s getting shot up on the daily
I’m trying to pull the chord up out that million dollar baby
It wasn’t supposed to be this way, why’d I have to turn out
Honor school steady suffering from burn out
Home school genius freak and I’m just trying to learn how
To deal with all the zombies that the other schools churn out
Dad used to laugh more to deal with all the tragedy
I’m laughin’ all the time now, pessimists are mad at me
Now I’m coping through some spoken comedy and word play
Could have skipped piano lessons, rapping every Thursday
Now I’m gifting people with my presents in the worst way
Probably ‘cause I never had a party on my birthday

Heir Jordan workin’ off suburban kid debts now
‘Where’d your cynicism go?’ Guess I’m fresh out
For now I’m sleepin’ on my rents couch
economists aren’t optimists, Thomas probably had less doubt
My girl’s feeling left out, shows stay empty
I’m trying to feed the meter but it won’t take pennies
I’m lacking common sense could y’all donate any?
I can’t live under bridges ‘cause those trolls aint friendly
Retails a murderer, cold blooded killer
A slow trudgin’ drone with a sole crushin’ filter
I’m ‘bout ready to sell out, I’m probably goin’ pop soon
But sellin’ out aint easy, man, who do I have to talk to?
Is there an 800 number I could sell my sole at?
It’s gettin’ too depressing but I can’t afford prozac
I gotta get a job but then I’d probably have to care
That’s probably a flaw but I’m probably not aware

Heir Jordan tryin’ to make suburban kid friendships
Seems like all these people think I’m evil ‘cause my pen’s sick
Richy still forgets my name I’ve known him since we’ve been kids
And Amy really hates her life I think she’s trying to end it
Andy says he’s coming to my show but then he’s busy
He called up Jon and Hilary to smoke until he’s dizzy
Maggy stays around until I’m down and then she’s nowhere
Haters stuck up in her past, I told her not to go there
Ike set his goals high, he’ll be there when he reaches ‘em
And Jessie’s daddy probably went and threw him on the streets again
Bradley never cleans but he lives inside a vacuum
Emily is choking on her fingers in the bathroom
Reese walks the side walk, eyes stay blood shot
Little Jenny gets her kicks at highway truck stops
But who am I? I’m no better than the worst of us
I haven’t prayed in a while so God bless suburbia